Wednesday, March 29, 2017

MILK MAKEUP Blur Stick! My thoughts!

Avéne USA

If you have been on YouTube lately, you will know which product I am talking about. Everyone is talking about it. But I am not quite sure why. I have tried this product out for a couple of days now and I cannot say that I am in love. Certainly not as much as everyone on YouTube! So here are my thoughts, this is my first product ever from MILK Makeup mind you. Let me tell you a little about it. It's claims: colourless, oil-free, silicone-free primer. First I will say I have tried a lot of primers and this seems to be one of two that I know of that do not contain silicone (that is a really hard to find a product without it), the other being Too Faced Hangover primer makes similar claims and is extremely hydrating for all you dry skin people. So I guess if you are someone looking for a primer without silicone to avoid pore clogging especially if your acne prone (like me) this is an option. But I don't think it minimizes pores like a silicone primer would - so just be mindful of that. It is definitely colourless - check out my video (I have proof)! On my darker skin tone - it is invisible. In terms of application, I am not in love with putting this product directly on the face for hygienic reasons. But I found that when I used a brush to apply it, I couldn't get as much product as I would of liked. So I believe the best way to apply it, is directly applying it to the face. Finally, if you have an oilier T zone or skin this product does not control oil and does not claim too. So you would have to use an additional mattifying primer. Doesn't it make you wish there were customizable primers. That would be great. Anyways as always leave your comments and questions below. Let me know if you have tried this product and if you found the best way to achieve maximum results.

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