Sunday, January 10, 2016

NEW Tartelette in bloom palette! Swatches! So glad I waited for this one.

So ladies and gents, here is my recommendation. I was skeptical thought the eyeshadows in this palette would not work for me, just look how some of them swatched. But I do not know how, but the swatches do not do these shades justice. Please don't be deceived if it looks like a lot of the shadows did not show up on my arm its because they are closer to my actually skin tone and would make a good base color (in my opinion). I think all the shadows in this palette are brown girl friendly. Not to mention so damn creamy and CRUELTY FREE PEOPLE! One down side, you got to build the  pigmentation up for many of the matte shadows. So if you are looking for a one swipe and your good shadows, I don't think you will get that with some of the matte shadows in this palette. But I didn't get any fall out. And the package is just so lovely, I love this palette for an everyday or a quick night out look. I think you can get a lot out of this palette and the its warm toned so if that is your thing (like it is mine) this is for you.

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