Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Hey ladies and gents, here are my thoughts. First let's be clear, I purchased this palette of my own money from Sephora online for an expensive $62. It's just killing me. So, first off the palette is definitely worth the price tag, considering that a single ABH eyeshadow selling for $16 and a quad is $54 at Sephora. I was not at first really interested in getting this palette, only because the colours didn't really speak to me. Except for the warm tones of course. I love warm tones! But if I am being completely honest, I am not too sure I will be keeping this palette and here is why.
I am sorry to all you die hard ABH fans, I love her stuff too. But this didn't really do it for me - colour wise. The quality of the shadows is good, but they are so powdery. When I dip my brush into the shadows, there is a lot of fall out. That is one thing, but one thing I could definitely live with for colours that I love.

Oh before I continue, the swatches are swatched as in order of the palette (1st pic- top row, 2nd pic-bottom row). In case you were wondering.

1st Row

 Now let's get into the swatches - ok so first things first, there are 3-4 shadows I won't even use (if I'm being completely honest) which decreases the value of the palette for me. They just don't compliment my skin tone or barely show up. So if you have not guessed it, they are: tempera (do I really have to say anything about this colour on my skin tone), golden ochre (sounds like such a pretty colour, so sad), vermeer (too icy), warm taupe (a little too grey, but could have potential - depends on the look). Raw Sienna and burnt orange could make good transition colours.

2nd Row
Now, the two colours I was so excited for: Venetian Red and Love Letter. Only one thing it takes a few coats to build up the colour (like 3 or 4), but when you do. It's so beautiful. Lastly, colours that I love (sorry it took so long and for all the negative comments) - Buon Fresco (shocked me after a few coats - its a really nice grey toned pale purple), Cyprus Umber (awesome, one of my faves - I have been looking for a warm toned dark brown), Red Ochre (transition colour of life), Realgar (who doesn't love an orange).

So everyone, that's all I got. Hope this helped. Check out my instagram for new products (I post there first - if you were wondering) #greeneyeambition 

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