Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Favourite Nude Liquid Lipsticks - Swatches


My search for the perfect nude never ends. I am always trying lines that come out with new nudes or old ones that I have never heard of. You never know, it could become holy grail status. Simply put, I'm obsessed. I love a liquid lipstick - no hassle just put it on and go. No worries about having to reapply so often. I have changed so much. Believe it or not, I never used to wear lipstick at all. It made me feel not like myself and I never felt truly comfortable. But now I love lipstick - especially a nude. So I thought why not share some of the great ones, I have come across. Just to be clear as always I purchased all these products myself.  So all the swatches are below, I also included some of my thoughts. In terms of lasting power, smudge proof, formula, etc. If you are curious, here are some of my foundation matches: NC45 MAC, MUFE Y445, MJ 82 Cocoa light, Hourglass vanish foundation stick - Golden Amber (MY NEW LOVE - its literally like its not there - just check out my recent favorites video on youtube it includes a demo - check my previous post).  I hope this will help someone who is looking for a great nude. Or just show you if you are not someone who prefers to wear lipstick what a difference a nude can make. Thanks for checking out my page as usual and always. Take care. Have an awesome one.

TIME FOR SWATCHES! - top to bottom: Baremineral Swank, Juju, Jeffree Star - Androgyny, Kat Von D - Lolita

So the NEW Gen Nude collection by Bareminerals just came out. I love the color selection - there are 20 shades that specially nude for basically any skin tone. Check it out they came out with more than just liquid lipsticks. Anyways so the formula is great feels light weight, barely there with a moussey texture - my only dislike is that it is not completely smudge proof. Some of the product tends to stay and on the surface of the lip and never really dries. But it still has a great number of shades and is comfortable to wear and affordable. So I can't really complain. They are available online at Sephora, I am not quite sure if they are in stores just yet.
NEW Gen Nude Bareminerals - Swank

NEW Gen nude Bareminerals - Juju

So next, the oh so famous Androgyny by Jeffree Star. It took so long for me to get my hands on this. As it was always sold out. But fear not, its permanent now. So I am assuming it should become more available. I purchased mine off of They are great, free shipping to Canada with a $35 purchase is not so bad and so rare. So I love the color, it has more of a purple undertone. Quite different in my opinion from the rest. The formula reminds me of the ABH liquid lipsticks, it the sense that it is really matte and has the same consistency. Very fluid like, a little goes a long way. So if you have fine lines on your lips you prefer not show. It might not be the liquid lipstick for you. But I don't care about that, so I will definitely being using this color this fall/winter.

Jeffree Star - Androgyny
So last but not least, my all time favorite - Kat Von D - Lolita. I know you have probably heard me say this a million times. But I just love this color. It is HOLY GRAIL STATUS for me. Never disappoints. Well, it is kind of drying but what liquid lipstick isn't. Just needs some lip balm prior and it lasts so long. It just perfect for my skintone.

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